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If your dog is not working it should either be staked out away from the immediate training area or under leash control. The only exception to this would be those who have well trained dogs that they are working on steadiness with use of ecollar but even those dogs should be actively watched and not just left alone.


Stake outs should be near your own truck and not near others or near the entrance to the field.


Dogs should never be allowed to roam freely.


Some of the things I've seen and heard over the years as a result of failure to do the above (beyond just annoyance) include dogs fighting (I've been bitten at least twice pulling dogs apart) as well as a blown out knee from a staked out dog and another getting tangled up.


Offer to help others and always ask questions about what you can be doing to help out so that you can give back. Many of us spend a lot of time helping others but we need to remember that even those who spend a lot of time helping others are in need of assistance and time to train our own dogs as well. Ask what you can do to help and donate time at training days and especially on test days --we are always in need of more hands.


If you're unsure of what you should be doing with your dog don't be embarrassed to just ask--some of us have our own personal preferences and our dogs are all different. Some of us may want distractions while others may want our dogs to work free from distraction. Everyone should feel comfortable speaking up respectively and everyone should take constructive criticism as a way to learn. None of us are perfect (and none of our dogs are)! Some of our dogs are better than us!


Train hard and can't wait to see everyone at great training day!

Shae Birkey


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