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Manito IL
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I joined NAVHDA a little over 2 years ago, looking for people with the same enthusiasm as me with dos and hunting. I have owned a few dogs before navhda and did not train them to the best of thier abilities. "if i knew then what i know now".


I come from a non sporting, hunting city raised family. I have self tought myself everything so far and am always willing to soak up new advice or training tips. I like meeting all the people, seeing the different dogs.


My goal is to train myself  to train a dog to run in and pass the Invitational! Hopefully more than one. I am also wanting to get involved in other sports, such as AKC master hunter titles, and possibly some shoot to retrieve trials.


Being a self taught loner,My exposure to wild game birds has been limited, sad but true, so Im always interested in hunting with someone to learn the ropes on wild game.


My first 2 years have been enjoyable. Ive tried to help in as many situations as I could, as its the best way to see how things run, and I also believe you get back what you put in.

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