Spoon River NAVHDA Chapter

Serving Central Illinois North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association

Spoon River NAVHDA Chapter By-Law's

Spoon River NAVDA Chapter

Article I : Name and Mission

Section 1:
The name of the organization is Spoon River Chapter of the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association, (NAVHDA). The Spoon River Chapter is a Non-Profit Organization.

Section 2:
The mission of this chapter is to reflect the aims of the International Organization in the central areas of Illinois, to foster, improve, promote, and protect the versatile hunting dog breeds by activities such as:
    A.) Acquainting hunters, sporting enthusiasts, and the general public with the
          History and invaluable resources of the trained versatile hunting dog.

    B.) Provide instructions to members and any interested person for the proper
          Humane training methods that is outlined in the NAVHDA AIMS book.

    C.) Conduct versatile hunting dog tests in this area for the versatile breeds
         according to the rules of the International NAVHDA.

    D.) Sponsor training days, clinics, demonstrations, and other similar activities.

Article II: Membership and Financial

Section 1:
Membership is open to all persons of any age. Members become active upon payment of annual dues. Active members are those who have paid their annual dues for the current year to both the Spoon River Chapter and NAVHDA International.

Section 2:
Termination of membership:

    A.) By resignation, upon written notice to the secretary.

    B.) By lapsing if a members dues remain unpaid after 90 (ninety) days after
         the first day of the fiscal year.

    C.) By expulsion under the provisions of these by-laws.

Section 3:
Membership dues:
Spoon River Chapter members shall determine the amount of yearly dues. The annual dues are due Jan. 1st, and no later than Jan 31st for the ensuing year, except for those members that join after July 1st on any year, in which case, their initial dues entitle them to membership for the entire following year. Membership by a member of an immediate family member shall constitute Chapter membership for all members of that immediate family.

Section 4:
Expulsion of a member may be made by a majority of the membership present for a violation of club rules, misconduct, or any action that is detrimental to the environment, animals, or fellow members. No refund of dues shall be made. The terminated member may petition to the board after a period of six (6) months for reinstatement. Decisions of the board for reinstatement are FINAL.

Section 5:

    A.) Any bank account established with Spoon River NAVHDA funds requires
          prior approval of board.

    B.) All account applications to bank shall be in addition to that of the treasurer
          bear the signature of two (2) other members of the board as co-signers.
          Only the signature of the treasurer is required on checks.

    C.)   Financial statements shall be published semi-annually by the treasurer.

    D.) The treasurer of board may request an audit at any time. Audits may be
          conducted by two active voting members except for the treasurer. The
          Audits must be appointed by the president and approved by the board.

    E.)  Any member requesting reimbursement for approved club purchases,
           should have proof of purchase in the form of a receipt.

Article III: Testing

Section 1:
Field tests conducted by Spoon River Chapter shall be conducted with prior NAVHDA sanction, and be in accordance with the NAVHDA test rules.

Section 2:
Entry fees for field tests sponsored by Spoon River Chapter will be determined by the board.

Section 3:
Chapter Refund Policy:

    A.) Test fees must be paid at the time application is submitted. The test
          secretary will not hold spots for dogs without the appointed fees being
          presented. There will be no exception to this rule.

    B.) If a handler elects to withdraw from a test, a full refund will be returned if
          the withdraw is made more than three (3) weeks prior to the test.

    C.) If a handler elects to withdraw from test and there is less than three (3)
         weeks remaining until test date, no refund will be issued.

    D.) An exception to rule C is that if the test secretary can provide another
         handler to replace the vacancy. The handler may receive a refund, minus
         a $25.00 late withdraw penalty.

Article IV: Officers and Elections

Section 1:
The officers of the organization are President, Vice President, Secretary,  Treasurer, Test Secretary, and Training Officer. The office of Secretary and Treasurer my be held by the same person. For the purpose of accepting motions and conducting business, a 2/3 forum is needed for a motion to carry. To minimize time and travel expenses, Chapter business may be conducted electronically at the discretion of the President.

Section 2:
Officers shall serve for two (2) years and the election shall be carried out on even number years.

Section 3:
The President shall serve as the chief executive officer of the chapter. President shall appoint replacements to vacancies that arise in the staff between elections, and shall appoint committees as necessary for club functions during the year.

Section 4:
The Vice President shall serve as the chief executive in the event of absence of the President, and shall assist the President in the execution of his duties as deemed necessary.

Section 5:
The Secretary is the communications agent of the chapter, and shall be responsible for taking notes and minutes at any chapter meeting.

Section 6:
The Test Secretary is responsible for and shall make all preparations for conducting a test and is responsible for forming committees to aid in the preparation of chapter tests.

Section 7:
The treasurer shall maintain all financial records, receive monies, and pay all bills.

Section 8:
The training officer is responsible for all actions necessary for successfully training dogs to properly take place. This may include organizing training dates, securing proper grounds, equipment, or paper work to conduct training.

Article V: Training, Testing Grounds

Section 1:
Testing and or training, shall be conducted in accordance with all local and state and federal laws pertaining to the handling of game, dogs, firearms, and ammunition, such as:

    A.) Blaze orange should always be worn.

    B.) Handlers are responsible for game bird handling permits.

    C.) Alcohol is prohibited on training grounds.

    D.) Unethical treatment of animals is not allowed.

    E.) Always replace or pay for any birds used

    F.) All members are responsible for picking up spent shells, garbage, etc.

    G.) Everyone is entitled to share, learn training techniques.

Be patient, wait your turn, and help others as often as possible!




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